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  • Gain insight into the underlying physics responsible for observed changes in engine behavior that are very difficult, expensive, or time consuming to explore experimentally (e.g., why is bowl A better than bowl B).
  • Perform analysis led design, which can lead to reduced development time and potentially a better solution. WERC has experience in lowering diesel emissions through the application of combustion bowl optimization and nozzle matching, which has been confirmed through subsequent engine testing.
    • 15% to 20% NOx reduction at constant BSFC
                or 3% BSFC reduction at constant NOx
    • 50% soot reduction simultaneous with NOx reduction
    • Reduced soot in lube oil (extended maintenance intervals and reduced wear)



  • Bowl profile, nozzle specification and injection strategy.
  • Comparative quantitative results for performance including emissions, fuel consumption, power, etc...