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WERC Meshing Manual

Wisconsin Engine Research Consultants has released a mesh generation manual which shows users how to efficiently create structured grids for internal combustion engine simulations. The Manual uses ICEM CFD and KIVA, but any other CFD solver can be employed to acheive the same advantages in terms of computational efficiency, stability of the calculation, and reliability of the results for multi-block hexahedral meshes.

By following the steps outlined in the Manual, a user will be guided step-by-step, starting from basic examples and progressing to more complex ones while learning how to create a complex internal combustion engine grid for realistic engine simulations.

The Manual is composed of 9 chapters. The first three are primer examples:

  • A non-moving mesh for spray calculationsBook medium
  • A sector mesh diesel engine
  • A simplified two-valve engine

After the primer examples the reader will learn how to mesh four realistic engine geometries, covering all the common engine configurations:

  • A heavy-duty diesel engine
  • A light-duty diesel engine
  • A pent-roof SI engine
  • A GDI engine

The final two chapters of the Manual discuss how to create an unstructured hexahedral mesh starting from an existing structured mesh and how to export the grid in the KIVA-4 format, and mesh movement and rezoning for use in KIVA-3.

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