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Current Developments

Gaseous Fuel Combustion

  • Developing methodology and kinetic mechanisms for gaseous fuel spark ignited combustion.
  • Mechanism development.
    • Wide range of natural gas mixtures with varying methane numbers.
    • Flame speed, ignition delay and species oxidation profiles.
    • Mechanism complexity reduction.
  • Couple validated kinetic mechanism with advanced combustion model for predictive combustion analysis.

Military Fuel (JP-8) Combustion Modeling

  • Fundamental experiments.
  • Fuel spray modeling.
  • Kinetics mechanism development.
  • Combustion system optimization and preliminary controls strategy development for multi-fuel engines.

Full Engine Simulation

  • All cylinders with combustion.
  • Full intake and partial exhaust.
    • Valves and coolers (e.g. EGR system)
    • Rotating components (e.g. turbochargers)

Aftertreatment Modeling

  • Simulink based.
  • Mapped performance and/or full predictive AT models.
  • Simple imposed boundary conditions or coupled 1D engine model.
  • Uses latest developed reaction mechanisms for gas phase and surface reactions.
  • Uses latest physical models for wall flow devices.
  • Focus areas
    • Packaging constrained aftertreatment solution.
    • Initial calibration strategy for regeneration.
    • Fuel economy penalty origin (backpressure, substrate heating).